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      Tourism number expected to be up this summer

      Researchers are predicting that tourism will be on the rise this year in Michigan, helping to pump more money into the economy. Experts at Michigan State University released a tourism forecast that predicted a 5.5 percent increase this year.

      Upper Peninsula Travel and Recreation (UPTRA) is already getting a head start on their tourism brochures for this year.

      "We've done much better over the last several years, pulling from out-of-state visitors, so that's been a big increase that's helped us a great deal. In addition to that, the Michigan economy in the last two years has gotten better and better," said UPTRA Executive Director, Tom Nemacheck.

      The Upper Peninsula is full of outdoor options, historic sites, and social events that are expected to bring in many people from out of state. The organization said they target much of their tourism advertising in large cities like Chicago.