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      Tourist Park offers handicapped accessible fishing pier

      A handicapped accessible fishing pier at Tourist Park in Marquette is almost finished. The new pier is a part of the Tourist Park Recovery Plan.

      After the Dead River flood in 2003, the Tourist Park Dam was restored last December.

      The recovery plan required the Marquette Board of Light and Power (BLP) to build a pier and make it accessible to people with disabilities.

      "The 50-foot boardwalk opens up to a 16' x 12' platform. It's located in a great spot. Where the deck extends out into is about 20' to 22' deep, and so it's really great if you wanted to come out here and drill a hole when the lake freezes up," said Eric Booth, Manager, plan and utility of the Marquette Board Light and Power.

      The new pier will open to the general public on Thursday.

      The trail leading to the pier is still under construction. When construction is finished, it will make it easier to get to for those with a disability.

      BLP said it will take at least another month to finish the trail.