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      Toy donations wanted for children in need

      A motorcycle group, called the Highland Clan, kicked off their 16th Annual Toy Run Saturday. The program collects and donates toys to local schools and families in need in Marquette County.

      The group said in the beginning, it was very difficult to get people involved, but all of their determination and team work paid off.

      "Now everybody's coming on board. They look forward to what we do, and it's respected throughout the community. In fact, we had a couple of people tonight just come in and hand us donations which will be used in December," said Peter Heikkila, Highland Clan member.

      Members of the Highland Clan said their goal is to branch out and include more U.P. counties.

      This year they will purchase and donate toys in the Copper Country.

      If you are interested in donating toys to children in need, you can send them to 207 Silver Street in Negaunee.