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      Tracking Spring Snow Pack

      Between winter weather, melting snow and spring flooding, high school sports in the Upper Peninsula always seem struggle with scheduling. Typically, the early games get scheduled in the southern U.P. and even as far south as Green Bay in the hopes that the snow pack would be gone by now.

      This year has been anything but typical. Thatâ??s according to Matt Zika, Meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in Negaunee. "This year has been a little bit different because there's been a substantial snow pack across the southern U.P. along the WI border," Zika said.

      A record cold winter and early spring kept a more consistent snow pack on the ground and it stayed longer than most would like. According to Zika, "The snow that began falling back in November has been on the ground for the entire season and thus the appearance that they have more than they probably should."

      Although the above average temperatures this week have taken their toll on the snow pack, there's still too much snow on the fields play ball. Jamie Tuma is the Athletic Coordinator of Marquette Public Schools. According to Tuma, spring sports started on March 10. Even though Michigan Tech and Northern Michigan University have graciously hosted several games, a few have already been cancelled.

      "We do have a couple of events scheduled next week that I'm sure we're going to have to cancel. And really the ideal thing is you postpone but you know, you're squeezing them into a tighter and tighter time frame so sometimes things just are cancelled," she said.

      Track and field, golf, baseball, softball, tennis and soccer see the most problems during this time of year. Even once the snow pack is gone, wind and especially rain can lead to an abbreviated season.

      Tuma commented there are several approaches handling the soggy spring weather. However, in the long run, thereâ??s only one viable solution. â??You have a lot of ideas thrown out. Should we get the snow blowers out, should we be shoveling out there? But you don't want to ruin your facilities because you were too eager to get out there with a snow blower and gouge your track or your tennis courts or something so you're pretty much at the mercy of mother nature and you have to be patient,â?? she said.So until Mother Nature can decide which season it is, weâ??ll simply have to keep wishing and waiting!