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      Traditional foods for Christmas

      Christmas is only two days away and that means many people are preparing their traditional Christmas meals.

      Many of the foods eaten during Thanksgiving have been carried over into Christmas dinner like turkey, ham, stuffing and cranberry sauce.

      Mother of two Janelle Axeford has already started prepping for her traditional Christmas dinner.

      "One tradition certainly I enjoy making every year is a special Christmas salad for my family. It's a spinach salad which incorporates pecans, feta cheese, and red onions and then we throw in some cranberries for just a little bit of Christmas pizzazz," said Axeford.

      It wouldn't be a traditional Christmas dinner without dessert.

      Sugar cookies are a fun and easy way to get the whole family involved.

      They can be decorated and made to look like snowmen, Christmas trees and reefs.

      Nicole McConnell wrote on our Facebook page: "My family does ham, kielbasa, mashed potatoes and desserts are traditional gingerbread men, sugar cookies, apple pie, chocolate pie, and pumpkin pie. These are just a few things that are at Christmas dinner."

      Pork pie seems to be a big hit from many on our Facebook page.

      Anne LaPine Holmes wrote: "Pork pie was always the biggest Christmas food tradition when I was growing up."

      Pork pie is a French tradition that can be eaten hot or cold.

      "My grandma made it every year, then my mother made it, and now I make it. It's pork, potatoes, seasoning, and onions in a crust, almost like a pasty minus all the vegetables and just pork and not beef," said Candy Schmitt, owner of Candie TMs Corner Caf.

      With all those traditional foods, that also means a gathering of family and friends sharing and enjoying another Christmas together.