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      Tragic mock accident hits home

      The scene was terrifying.

      Blood everywhere, screams in the air, and the horrible knowledge that two students and a teacher were dead, with others seriously hurt.

      It was just a dramatization, but students said it felt very real.

      "It was, definitely an eye opener. It was very emotional too," said Ben DeCremer, Senior at Norway High School and mock accident driver.

      The school's Youth Advisory Committee decided to hold the demonstration, because their prom is approaching.

      Students watched a short video about driving while drunk or on drugs, then went outside to view the consequences.

      "It really hit a spot knowing how serious things like this can happen and how quick they can happen," said Laney Broden, Junior at NHS and mock medic.

      "I just was taking it all in and just seeing everything all strewn around and everybody covered in blood it just looked really real and that made it really dramatic and I just couldn't stop thinking about what if this happened to those people, and I was never able to see them again," said Kyra Johnson, Sophomore at NHS.

      Teachers hope the demonstration made a strong impact.

      "If we get the minimum of one, hopefully we get more, so that these kids understand that it's a real life situation and you don't get it back," said Tony Adams, Teacher at NHS and mock victim.

      The scenario will be completed with a mock trial in the future, as well.

      The student Media Team are compiling the whole scenario and will have a presentation for the 9-12th grade students on Tuesday.

      Following the video, Judge Tom Slagle will speak to the school about the consequences of this kind of behavior.