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      Trail to connect Negaunee and Marquette

      Some have been asking where the new portion of the Iron Ore Heritage Trail is going. Well, get your mountain bikes ready, there's going to be a special trail ride Friday morning.

      It's an opportunity for you to get out and see how the trail will connect Negaunee to Marquette. Construction in that area begins August 15.

      The trail ride is 11.5 miles. The whole project will connect Republic to Chocolay Township.

      "At the end of what a great trail we're going to have when it's over. They're going to be able to see some of the sites that people will experience when they are on the Iron Ore Heritage Trail, and I'll talk about some of the history along that area as well," said Trail Administrator, Carol Fulsher. If you want to join the ride, Fulsher is asking everyone to meet at Goodwill in Marquette at 10 a.m. Friday. Plan on a slow paced ride that'll last about three hours.