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      Trainers prepare for All-Star Football Game

      High school athletes from all over the Upper Peninsula are preparing for the All Star Football Game on Saturday.

      Most of the time you don't notice the trainers that stand on the sideline who are ready for anything. Trainers from Active Physical Therapy and Synergy Fitness arrive at the dome before the players and don't leave until long after everyone is gone.

      Most of what they do is taping ankles, treating turf burns and stretching tight limbs and joints.

      "Most people don't know about athletic trainers until they see them on the field," says All-Star Game organizer Todd Goldbeck. "They're the person that runs out on the field if someone gets hurt and they can't come off on their own power, so they're the ones that run out and evaluate on the spot what do we need to do."

      Three trainers will be at the dome two hours before the players and stand watch at the game for any injuries.

      The U.P. All-Star Football game is Saturday at 3 p.m. Doors open at 2 p.m.