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      Training camp seeks to prevent sports injuries

      According to Centers for Disease Control, more than half of all sports injuries in kids can be prevented. This statistic caused Dickinson County Healthcare System and physical therapists at Back in Motion to spring into action.

      â??The big thing is how can we get the athletes ready for the season, preventing injury,â?? said Back in Motion athletic trainer, Andy Mendina.

      The answer to their question: a training camp. But this is no ordinary training camp.

      â??We want to focus on good form and injury prevention with the kids,â?? said DCHS athletic trainer, Elise Edwards. â??We have three different stations; we have a speed and agility station, we have an equipment station, a resistance training thing, and we have a core station. We work on core strength, and that's where we get a lot of injury prevention.â??

      From proper balancing techniques to tough speed training, the camp provides athletes with the proper set of tools they need to succeed in their sport, while making sure they don't end up in the emergency room.

      â??I like it a lot,â?? said Kingsford sophomore, Ben Moreau. â??We have the tubes and the sleds, and it's a great speed builder.â?? As a three-sport athlete, Ben says these techniques apply to all sports.

      â??For basketball, running down the court; football, trying to break that long run; it's all going to add up.â??

      The free, five-week, twice a week camp takes place on the practice fields in Kingsford, but kids from all over the area come out.

      â??Florence, Pembine, Niagara, Forest Park, North Dickinson, Norway, Iron Mountain, Kingsford, and some home-schoolers; so it's quite an area, not just Dickinson County,â?? Mendina said.

      An effective camp with one common goal means athletic success is not far out of reach.

      â??Itâ??s a good opportunity for them to train so that we can lower our injuries for this fall,â?? Edwards said.