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      Training for hot pursuits

      Dickinson County law enforcement officers had their annual driving training at Ford Airport in Iron Mountain.

      Once a year law enforcement officers are required to attend a pursuit driving course. The goal is mastering technique while being safe and effective.

      â??Itâ??s a great refresher for them. They basically know the techniques and the skills, the principles that are involved in these courses,â?? says training coordinator, Don Peterman.

      Police are required to drive the five courses twice and then do a complete run through in order to pass. Don shows them what's expected, and then the officers get behind the wheel.

      â??It definitely keeps my skills up to where they need to be,â?? says Sgt. David Irwin of the Iron Mountain Police Department.

      Peterman says when officers are out on real life pursuits, varying conditions contribute to the level of difficulty.

      â??They have to worry about pedestrians stepping in and out of cars, cars pulling in and out of traffic, pulling in and out of driveways, crossing intersection trafficâ?|â?? Peterman explains.

      For officers, failure is not an option. They are required to put the pedal to the metal for as long as it takes to leave all cones untouched.