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      Tree-mendous display at Peter White

      They may not tickle your nose with their smell, but the Christmas trees in the annual Winter Wonderland Walk at the Peter White Public Library will certainly tantalize your eyes.

      Following the Sunday opening, more than 50 trees are on display--the most the library has ever hosted. The trees were decorated by various community groups and library staff, and each one has its own special meaning.

      The Daughters of the American Revolution continued their annual tree-decorating tradition this year with red, white and blue ribbons, pineapples, and open door ornaments.

      "It makes us a part of the community; we enjoy helping, raise money, and servicing our Upper Peninsula chapter," said Sarah Smart of Onagomingkway Chapter of DAR.

      Youngsters also got a special treat at the Sunday opening--the Youth Services Department held an "All Creatures Great and Small" event which helped children craft animal ornaments for the holidays. Kids got to cut out and decorate everything from fish to teddy bears.

      This is the fourth consecutive year a special holiday event has been held for the opening of the Winter Wonderland Walk display.

      The Winter Wonderland Walk will run through the new year.