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      Trespassers arraigned and sentenced after protest

      The eight people arrested following last Wednesday's protest at Governor Snyder's office in Marquette were arraigned Monday morning.

      Appearing in Marquette District Court on charges of trespassing were:

      Forty-eight-year-old Todd Michael Aschmitz of Fond du Lac, Wis.; 50-year-old Susan Marie Cameron of Manistique; 44-year-old Todd Alan Flath of Escanaba; 45-year-old Michael Roy Johnson of Escanaba; 65-year-old Janet Bea-Maslotti Joswiak of Marquette; 65-year-old William Carl Joswiak of Marquette; 66-year-old Barbara Elliot Michael of Marquette; and 63-year-old Zelda Louise Ziemer of Gwinn.

      The eight individuals were sentenced on Monday at their arraignment hearing. They each owe $375 in fines and costs.

      "We want Governor Snyder to know we're serious," said Zelda Ziemer, one of the defendants. "This isn't a childish thing, we're not playing games. This is our livelihood, this is our state."

      "I stood up because I teach children that you have a right," added Janet Joswiak, a former teacher. "This is a democracy, and your voice counts."

      The eight refused to leave Governor Snyder's Northern Michigan office when it closed at 5 p.m. on Wednesday. There were ten protesters in the office. Two left when police told them they would be arrested. The remaining eight who didn't comply were cited for trespassing.