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      Trial against George Young

      It's day two in the trial against a former Munising chiropractor, facing charges of criminal sexual conduct. Fifty-four-year-old George Young is charged with eight counts of 4th degree Criminal Sexual Conduct against some of his patients.

      The prosecution continued their case with testimony from six victims.

      "The safest place you should be able to go is your doctor's office. When you don't have that trust, you not only don't have trust, but you second guess yourself because you are supposed to trust your doctor," said Crystal St. John-Noble.

      All of the victims say George Young, a chiropractor they saw at HealthQuest, touched their breasts underneath and over their clothing with bare hands while undergoing treatment.

      The alleged incidents occurred while he was working at HealthQuest in Munising sometime in 2011 through 2012. According to the victims, Young said it was all part of adjustments that needed to be made to their ribs.

      "And at that point when he's feeling for it, is he feeling through your clothing?" said Karen Bahrman, Prosecuting Attorney.

      One victim says he would feel it out and press up against her breast. The defense says the touching was part of Young's treatment methods.

      "Is it fair to say as your needs change, the method of treatments also change?" asked Brandon Rickard, Defense Attorney.

      During other testimony, one victim said Young cupped her breast with his hand.

      The victims say it was hard to comprehend what was happening even though they didn't feel comfortable. Some say they didn't question his motives initially, while others did.

      Their message for other women includes speaking up, even if you feel embarrassed.

      "Go to someone, go to the police, go to your doctor, get a second opinion because you should trust your gut instinct. I think this case is a perfect example of that," St. John-Noble said.

      The case continues Wednesday morning with the testimony from expert witnesses. If found guilty, he could face two years in prison.