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      Trial begins for former pastor charged with sex crime

      The trial of a former Norway pastor got underway on Tuesday in Marinette County, Wisconsin.

      During the trial, the victim testified against 46-year-old Harold Markham, who is being charged with repeated sexual assault of a child.

      The victim took the stand on Tuesday, saying that it all started when she was a freshman in high school. She said that the first time anything happened was in July of 2007. She said that she and Markham were lying next to each other watching a movie when he started rubbing her leg under her skirt and asked if she was aroused.

      The victim said this type of activity continued throughout the summer until she finally questioned Markham about the activity, after which the touching stopped. A few years later, she said she vaguely mentioned the incidents to her brother.

      The victim, who has since been married, moved in with her husband's parents and eventually confessed everything to her husband's mother. After the confession, the victim says she confronted Markham and later informed the police.

      District Attorney Kent Hoffman is expected to finish up by Wednesday afternoon, and then defense attorney Torger Omdahl will begin presenting his case to the jury.

      The former pastor was arrested on sexual assault charges in February. He was charged with two felonies at the time--repeated sexual assault on a child and another charge related to sexual acts. He was also charged at the time with battery and disorderly conduct.