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      Trial continues for Upper Michigan man facing eight sex crime charges

      Monday marked the second day of the trial for the 44-year-old Gwinn man facing eight counts of criminal sexual conduct.

      William Meni is facing criminal sexual conduct charges involving three alleged victims. The charges stem from events in 1995-1996, 2007-2008, and 2012.

      Two alleged victims took the stand on Monday. The first, who will be identified as victim one, was a 13-year-old female who recalled four sexual abuse incidents with Meni.

      Victim one said when she was eight years old, she was sleeping on the couch and when she woke up, Meni was performing oral sex on her. Victim one also recalled an incident when she was on a snowmobile ride with Meni and he put his hands down her pants.

      Victim one stated she did not tell her mom about the assault because she did not want to ruin the relationship between Meni and her mom.

      During the cross examination, the defense questioned victim one about what she told police and her testimony in court on Monday. While testifying, victim one said after being sexually assaulted on the couch by Meni, she went upstairs and told her mom Meni was in the home, but she did not tell her what happened.

      The defense said the police report said victim one told her mom about the incident the night it happened.

      Victim two also took the stand on Monday. Now 24 years old, victim two said the abuse happened between the ages of 5 and 7.

      "I thought if I pretended I was sleeping, he would stop," said victim two.

      During her testimony, victim two said several incidents occurred with Meni, some of which victim two said she was sexually abused. She said Meni took off her underwear and performed sexual intercourse.

      "I remember looking out the window at the time. It was sunny and I started thinking about my friends playing outside," victim two said.

      Victim two did not tell anyone about the abuse until she was a teenager while she played a game of "truth or dare" with her friends. After the game, victim two said she felt pressured by a friend to tell her mother.

      Victim two said her mom asked her if she wanted to report it to the police, but the victim said no. During cross examination, the defense asked, "She left the decision up to you to report this?"

      "Yes," victim two responded.

      Jean Green, the mother of victim two, also testified in court.

      "She proceeded to tell me that Bill raped her," said Green.

      "And when you heard this, what was your reaction," asked the prosecutor.

      "I freaked out and cried," Green replied.

      Victim two said her mother asked her if she wanted to report her sexual abuse to the police, but the victim said no.

      "I asked her what she wanted me to do, if she wanted me to call the police. I wanted her to make the decision because I didn't want her to go through any more pain."

      Police Chief Dan Willey also took the stand. "It's not unusual for kids not to talk."

      Willey investigated and gathered information from the police reports from the first and second victims after allegations came in 2012 from the third victim.

      The defense showed Chief Willey a bag of evidence collected from the third victim, age six.

      The bag contained bed sheets and the defense said, "Those were never sent to the lab."

      "That is correct," Willey said.

      "Was that an oversight?" the defense asked.

      "That was my fault," Willey responded.

      The defense also asked the officer about the statements he collected from victim one and victim two.

      When referencing the time, victim one said she woke up to Meni performing oral sex on her, the defense wanted to know why Chief Willey had to remind her about that particular incident.

      "She did remember," Willey responded.

      "After you prompted her, correct?" questioned the defense.

      "Doesn't mean it didn't happen. But I didn't say, did you wake up to Bill licking you on the couch."

      "You said, did it happen on the couch."

      "Yeah, and if something happened, she can tell me what happened."

      The prosecution rested its case Monday.

      The defense will call more than 10 witnesses to the stand starting Tuesday.

      Jury deliberations could start as early as Wednesday.