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      Trial set for men facing kidnapping and torture charges

      Friday was part two of the pretrial for the two men accused of kidnapping and torturing two Ishpeming women.

      Jason Sadowski, 43, and Charles Cope, 65, both appeared in Marquette County Circuit Court to resolve matters brought up during Tuesday's pretrial.

      The first of the two motions brought forth by Sadowski's attorney was to exclude the testimony of one of the alleged victims who has passed away since the hearing. The defense argued that the jury would not have the opportunity to look the witness in the eye during testimony, nor would the defense have the opportunity to cross examine her on the stand.

      Judge Jennifer Mazzuchi said the alleged victim's testimony during the previous hearing was sufficient and admissible to be used as testimony during the trial. She also ruled that Jason Sadowski be physically restrained during the trial based on video evidence of him beating another inmate while incarcerated.

      Sadowski and his attorney claims it was self defense.

      "It was provoked out of annoying behavior, but the physical response was way out of proportion and was very fast and very severe. The courts review of that video and the other record developed at the prior hearing leads me to conclude that some form of restraint during trial is appropriate," stated Judge Mazzuchi.

      The judge did recommend restraints that would not be visible or a distraction that would sway any jury members.

      Sadowski's attorney also requested that his client be released from jail before the proceedings of the trial to stay with a friend under strict supervision. That motion was denied.

      A trial date for both men is set to begin February 24.