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      Trips On A Tank: Keweenaw Getaway

      You want to get away from home, but don't think you can afford a vacation in popular destinations? You don't have to go far for a change in landscape and a place to relax.

      Best known for its endless shorelines and destination locations, the Keweenaw Peninsula is an ideal place to explore and to relax by Lake Superior.

      "Just beautiful," said summer resident Mary Lou Lenz. "I love the vastness of it. I love the sunset, just a lot of things."

      Copper Harbor is one of the best known Keweenaw towns, filled with little motels, cabins, restaurants and gift shops.

      Nearby, Fort Wilkins offers interpretative programs where people reenact fort living from the early 1800s. They also offer tours of the Copper Harbor Lighthouse.

      If you're looking for something more active, the Keweenaw Adventure Company rents and gives guided kayak tours.

      "One of the most fun things to do is the sunset cruise on the Isle Royale Queen," said the owner of the Mariner North restaurant and motel, Don Kauppi. "It gives you a chance to cool off. You get off onto Lake Superior. There are good chances of brushing by a thousand foot freighter out there."

      A few miles south in Lac La Belle, you can eat at the Lac La Belle Lodge or stay in one of the lakefront cabins.

      "We have an awesome waterfall, said lodge owner Kathy Wescott. "Haven Park has a pavilion where they can do things, like bring things and do like a picnic lunch. They have grills there."

      Bete Grise Beach in Lac La Belle is also a popular stop.

      "The water is warmer and you can spend hours in Lake Superior there because it's on the leeward side of the point," Kauppi said.

      If you like beaches, then Great Sand Bay, 16 miles south of Copper Harbor on M-26, is a great place to stop.

      When you're done sunbathing or taking a dip in Lake Superior, you'll want to stop up the road at the Jampot Bakery. Monks makes fresh sweet jams, breads, muffins and cookies.

      So, how much would a two-day getaway for two adults in the Keweenaw cost?

      Gas? Depending on where you live, lets say $50.

      Food? $130 should cover eating at restaurants, although there is a grocery store in Copper Harbor.

      Lodging? $180 or so for a motel or a cabin.

      Tours, rentals and fees? About $180.

      That brings a trip for two to the Keweenaw to a grand total of $540.

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