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      Trolling for a favorite fish fry spot

      Where are some of your favorite locations, and one place in particular seemed to be a popular choice. So, that's where I headed.

      Tucked away in the heart of Faithorn lies what some consider the most amazing fish fry in Upper Michigan.

      Customer Frank Pierce said, "The smelt that we just had to today was lightly breaded, not overcooked. Very tender. It's really good and they give you coleslaw, potatoes, salad, whatever you want."

      It's being served at The Long Branch Bar and Grill.

      "It's very popular. We get about 350- 400 customers on a Friday night, and we go through at least 150 pounds of fish in a given Friday night," said Rosie Gunville, manager.

      Rosie says they have only had the fish fry for a couple of years now and it's grown in popularity. Gunville says it's their busiest time of the year.

      "People like the combo basket because they get to try everything. Probably our most popular is our perch; people really enjoy our perch," Gunville said.

      However, there are plenty of other spots to hit, too.

      "Swallow INN, Rapid River; they have smelt on Sunday, all you can eat. Great," commented Larry Clausen on Facebook.

      Barbie Rzanca, in part, commented: "Foggy's Bar and Restaurant in Christmas. Their fish batter has just the right seasoning, it's cooked to perfection and won't leave you hungry."

      "They have a good reputation of having really good food down here. I don't care if it's fish fry, steak, hamburgers. They serve a good meal," said Fuzzy Anderson, customer.

      Other recommended spots:

      Peterson Fish, Hancock

      Henry's, Rockland

      Hudson's, Marquette

      Foggy's Bar & Restaurant, Christmas

      A&M Cafe, Skandia

      Sidetracks, Cooks

      Brezzy Point Bar, Ford River

      The Snack Bar, Eben

      Bear Belly Bar, BÃte Gris

      Black River Valley Pub, Bessemer

      Wilcox Fisheries Restaurant by Brimley

      Moose Lodge, Munising