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      Troops families can receive snow removal service

      The troops of the 1432 Engineer Company may have left their loved ones with extra responsibilities while overseas, however, Boss Snow Plow is helping those families have one less worry this winter.

      Boss Snow Plow is going on its third year of "Snow Care for Troops" program. The program allows anyone across the country with snowplows, blowers or shovels to volunteer to do snow removal for families with loved ones serving overseas.

      The plow company works with "Project Evergreen" which administrates and connects families to plow volunteers.

      "We knew that this organization was looking for someone or a company to champion this "Snow Care for Troops" program, and we heard about it and thought, you know what, that's right up our alley. We, as a company, like to help people out. That's what we're known for," said Mark Klossner of Boos Snow Plows.

      In the Dickinson county area, there are almost a dozen volunteers. Family members interested in signing up can click here for more information.