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      Truck route: Marquette BL&P to the rescue?

      The Marquette Board of Light and Power could play a large role in a designated trucking route in the Marquette area.

      City Commissioner Mike Coyne, spoke Tuesday before a large crowd at the Marquette Township Hall. He explained the city and Lundin Mining have been in productive talks about using the Marquette Board of Light and Power's hydro plant route. The road runs from County Road 550 to Wright Street coming out near the BL&P office building.

      "Things are still in the very preliminary stages; we will continue to work with the city on this truck route issue," said Board of Light and Power Chairman, Ed Angeli.

      Township Supervisor Dennis Liimatta also spoke Tuesday about getting the local municipalities on board for a regional truck traffic study.

      "Our whole goal was to make sure that this information was as public as possible. Hopefully what comes out of this meeting is that, as municipalities, we leave here with a decision that will go back to our boards and commissions and maybe find a new cooperative effort in developing some regional planning in regards to traffic issues," Liimatta said.

      Liimatta also said bringing together all these groups was sparked by the Marquette City Commission's recently proposed truck ordinance. The ordinance would've set strict weight limits and time restrictions on all trucks using city roads. Discussion around that ordinance was delayed 90 days during Monday night's City Commission Meeting.