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      Trying to get fit for summer?

      As the weather warms up, most start thinking about losing a few poundsâ?|a tough task after hibernating during the holiday season.

      Itâ??s never too late to put that right foot forward and get started. Thereâ??s a few basic tips when it comes to reaching that goal. First, avoid skipping meals, most importantly breakfast. Your body needs to be fed to keep your metabolism moving.

      â??Fill yourself up with that high fiber food to prevent the cravings and then maintaining some type of protein at each meal or snack. It helps keep you staying fuller between meals," says dietician Andrea Millan.

      You should keep away from sweets and sodas because they don't provide sustainable energy. Before you know it, youâ??re hungry again, wanting more.

      â??That quick boost of energy will be followed by a crash," Andrea says.

      Next, try to get back into the habit of exercise.

      â??It's just baby steps until you make it a habit. It takes 21 days to create a new habit in your body and in your mind," says H2I Manager of Anytime Fitness, Roxanna Kemppainen.

      Work your way towards a fitness routine that works for you. The more you do, the more it will become part of your routine.

      â??Get started by moving, walking, whether it be 20-30 minutes a day, at least several days a week," Roxanna says.

      Most importantly, increase your water intake. Itâ??s recommended to drink at least eight glasses a day. Consuming foods that have high levels of water also keep you hydrated on hot summer days and fill you faster.