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      Trying to luge

      In honor of the Olympics, TV6 reporters have been trying out some of the events of the winter games.

      I headed out to Lucy Hill in Negaunee to try luge.

      "When you hit the perfect line and you feel that acceleration and that push out of the corner, then you know you have nailed it," said Tammy Wills of the U.P. Luge Association.

      Luge may not be the most popular sport, but it certainly creates quite an adrenaline rush, which is why spectators can get so excited.

      For those of you that don't know, there's actually a luge hill in Negaunee, although it isn't quite what you would expect to see at the Olympics.

      "The Olympic-style luge is done on a refrigerated track, the curves are banked, that's the primary difference. For natural track luge, which is what we have here at Lucy Hill, our track is natural," Wills said.

      With the help of the Upper Peninsula Luge Club, it was time for me to suit up and see what I could do on the hill. I would have been a fool to think that my first run would go well, but that's okay, I just need another pep talk.

      "You push down here. See how they don't move? (holding sled runners) If you use your stomach muscles and hold up higher, all of a sudden, the sled has so much more flexibility," Wills explained.

      After a little practice, I was able to make a run.