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      Trying to make a difference

      Marquette native, Pastor Rob Jurkovich, is four months into his new assignment at Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church in Ironwood. After being ordained in 2004, he spent two years in Escanaba. In 2006 he moved on to work in Menominee. Throughout the years he's worked closely with the Catholic schools. Pastor Jurkovich says he enjoys working in a smaller city as he can get to know everyone in the community. He hopes to make a more direct difference in people's lives.

      "I'm looking forward to help continue grow the faith. Doesn't matter if it's a small area or big area, people are people and the faith is the most important thing in my life I want to transmit to people," said Pastor Jurkovich.

      In this upcoming Year of Faith, he's hoping to resurrect the faith in those who are no longer practicing Catholics. Jurkovich has a six year assignment in Ironwood.