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      Tuning up your mower before summer

      Whether itâ??s your mower, wood cutter, or chainsaw, if your summer outdoor machines have been stored away for the winter, they could likely use a little dusting off before summer finally shows up.

      Ward Erickson, owner of Wardâ??s Husqvarna in Dollar Bay, said the most common issue he sees with people pulling out their lawn mowers for the first time since winter began is a little lopsidedness.

      â??Generally, flat tires is number one after pulling out of a barn,â?? he said. â??Itâ??s generally harder to roll, hard to move, so thatâ??s the first indication. If they are flat too long, they are dry-rotted and sometimes need a new tire.â??

      Erickson said while most machines probably donâ??t need any major surgery done, a basic tune-up is recommended.

      He said first and foremost, your machines need to have fresh gas in them to run properly.

      â??New sparkplug, new air filter, fuel filter if it has, sharpen their blades or chain if itâ??s on a chainsaw, and just kind of look over,â?? said Erickson. â??Grease, lube anything, check wheel bearings, tire pressure.â??

      Depending on where you go and what you need adjusted, a tune-up can cost anywhere from about $65 to $80.

      Erickson says you donâ??t always have to take your machine into the shop for a fix, but a professional eye giving it the once-over canâ??t hurt.

      â??Some people do work their own, so there might be a lot of parts we donâ??t have to change,â?? he said. â??They just want us to look it over because thereâ??s a lot of things they can do by themselves, but itâ??s also good to have a professional look at it also.â??