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      Turkey donations needed

      The organization Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly is in need of 20 turkey donations to help feed over 1,000 elderly residents this Thanksgiving.

      O rganizers say the bigger the turkey the better because during the holiday season, they serve 1 , 2 00 pounds of turkey.

      "We invite anyone who is over 60 and alone on the holidays to come out to dinner or to have a hot meal delivered, if they prefer that option. Our dinners are wonderful! They're sit down dinners. We have entertainment with volunteers there to serve and visit with people," said Cynthia Drake, visiting volunteer coordinator for Little Brothers.

      The organization is also looking for other donations like coffee, apple sauce, and juice for the Christmas boxes also sent throughout the community.

      This year, Little Brothers is celebrating 30 years of service in the Copper Country.

      If you're interested in donating or volunteering your time, call Little Brothers at (906) 482-6944.