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      Turning wood into art

      Rich Pethtel is a wood carver and he's been transforming pieces of cedar into some amazing creations for the past 13 years.

      "I didn't start until I was 24, but it was an idea that I had when I was a kid," said Pethtel.

      So why does Rich prefer a chainsaw over other tools?

      "For one, it's interesting to be able to say that it's all done with a chainsaw. It is an art form within itself, but I really don't have the patience for handheld tools and hand carving. The saw moves really fast," Pethtel said.

      When it comes to designs, Rich makes everything from bears to owls. He says it usually takes a day to make and so far, Rich says when it comes to these designs, there isn't one he hasn't been able to make.

      Once Rich finds the perfect piece of cedar, he places it on the stump. Then it's time to start carving and after that, it's time for a little fire.

      "Everything gets burned first. After it gets carved, it's got to get burned. It takes away the fuzz that the chainsaw leaves behind, and I often use it as a finish for the piece," Pethtel said.

      Other times a little spray paint is added for a final touch and then the artwork is complete, but Rich says sometimes his creations don't always go as planned.

      "The wood has the final say because sometimes you can get a crack or a knot, or sometimes you'll make a mistake and it'll become too fragile, and from that, you'll get a new idea," Pethtel said.

      If you're interested in a one of a kind design, you can contact Rich at (906) 231-2921.