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      TV 6 personalities attempt new challenge

      Saturday was an exciting day at the Marquette County Fair. TV 6's own Shawn Householder and Sam Bauman took a run at team penning.

      Team penning is a sport in which participants need to isolate a cow from a herd based on the number they are given and chase it into a pen. Each team has 60 seconds to complete the task without any other cows escaping from the herd. The gentlemen of the morning news competed against two other teams and needless to say it didn't go very well.

      "Our competitors made us look like we were rookies because well, we were and it showed," said Sam Bauman, co-anchor of the TV 6 Morning News.

      "Maybe some miscommunication between us and the cattle. You know, it's like we're trying to separate the cows and well, they didn't want to play along," said Shawn Householder, Meteorologist of the TV 6 Morning News.

      The experience may have been a rough one, but they certainly gave it their all. The winning group was actually the youngest of the three and they also beat the group from the Marquette County Fair Board as well.