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      TV6 Canathon wraps up

      Thursday night was the final night for the TV6 Canathon and by all accounts it was a big success. This was the 30th year for the event.

      Since mid-November, donation drop-offs have been set up throughout the viewing area to collect non-perishable food items. All the food collected stays within the area it was donated. Volunteers worked through the day to sort the food and stock the shelves.

      "Things went real well this year. We raised a little over 145,000 pounds of food; we still have a few more places to report in, but it was hugely successful," said Scott Zerbel, TV6 Canathon coordinator. "I just want to thank everybody who made an effort to make a donation. It's our 30th anniversary, and the U.P. kind of came out in force and really supported it."

      The need for non-perishables doesn't stop now, however. Food pantries across the area encourage year-round donations. The need is particularly great during the summer months as well.