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      Twi-hards catch the final movie of Twilight saga

      "Twi-hards" were up late across the country on Thursday night to catch the premiere of the final movie in the Twilight saga. At the Carmike Cinemas in Marquette, fans got to see Breaking Dawn: Part 2 as early as 10 p.m.

      Several theatres at the cinema were sold out as many got their tickets in advance. No one had to wait outside to see the film that is the fifth and final in the series.

      The Twilight series of novels and the films based on the novels have a large and devoted fan base called "Twi-hards."

      "I'm excited to be here because I've seen all the other ones in theatre, and it's fun to finish the series," said Danielle Jahnke of Marquette.

      "It's something we've been watching for a long time now, and it's over after this movie, so that's kind of sad," said Helena Straume, from the country of Norway.

      "I'm excited, but a little disappointed at the same time, just because it's not exactly what I pictured from the books," said Megan Flynn of Munising.

      "Yeah, the books are way better," agreed her friend, Connie Chaperon of Munising.

      Critics are calling Breaking Dawn: Part 2 the freakiest film in the saga and the most fun. The film is expected to easily top this weekend's box office with $150 million in revenue.