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      Two arrested for theft of jewelry

      Koskela, Christina Annlane

      The Marquette City police have arrested two individuals on felony charges of larceny of jewelry.

      After a two month investigation, 34-year-old Jason Joe Bennett and 25-year-old Christina Anne-Lane Koskela were arrested at a residence in Gwinn on warrants authorized by the Marquette County Prosecutor's office.

      The charges stem from an incident involving a 75-year-old female reporting that jewelry had been stolen from her apartment while she was away on vacation. A review of a local jewelry store records revealed that the suspects had turned in the stolen jewelry for money while the victim had been out of town.

      The victim is the grandmother of Koskela.

      Koskela is being charged of a felony, larceny of a building, which is a four-year prison term or $5,000, and has posted bond.

      Bennett remains in jail being held on conspiracy to commit larceny of a building, a felony with a four-year sentence or $5,000 fine and stolen property, receiving and concealing--$200 or more but less than $1,000--a one-year misdemeanor.