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      Two attempted bank robbery suspects in court

      Gordon Lewis and Paden Rothenberger's were in court for their preliminarily hearings Monday.

      The two suspects are accused of trying to break into an ATM at the Superior National Bank in Chassell on October 4th. Rothenberger waived his preliminary hearing on charges of safe breaking and attempted armed bank robbery. But lewis was charged with safe breaking and attempted larceny. Lewis was also charged with fraudulent use of a financial transaction device, related to a crime he allegedly committed at of Michigan Tech. Officials say Lewis broke into a locker at the Student Development Complex and stole clothing, keys, and a wallet.

      "He was about five or six lockers away from me. To me it was just another guy going to start a workout. I didn't pay much attention to him but I got a good enough look at him that when the Michigan Tech Campus Police showed me a photo, I was able to identify him," said a witness to the theft.

      Lewis will be back in court November 7th on the safe breaking charge. As for Rothenberger, he was given a plea offer, with a condition he testifies in court for the prosecution in the case against lewis. Rothenberger faces a circuit court hearing on Wednesday for safe breaking and the attempted bank robbery charges.