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      Two-day conference aims to make buildings more accessible

      The Peter White Library in Marquette will host a two-day conference that focuses on making buildings and other areas easily accessible to people in need. It is called the Universal Design Conference and it will run this Wednesday and Thursday.

      More than 11 presenters will be on hand to talk about a variety of topics. Those topics include the importance of making outdoor areas, like bike trails, easier for hand cyclists as well as designs that assist and enable people to live independently.

      "One of the things that people think is universal design is just for people maybe in a wheelchair. It's not; think of parents with strollers. Wheelchairs can't go the same place as strollers can," said Pam Christensen, library director.

      If you are interested in attending the conference, it starts Wednesday, October 2 at 9:30 a.m.

      Registration costs $90 for the two-day event or $50 for one day. Northern Michigan University students interested in the event will be charged $15 for each day.