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      Two dollar bills used to show power of pot supporters

      A local organization is joining in a statewide effort to support medical marijuana and push for broader legalization of cannabis. Back in 2008, Michigan voters approved marijuana for some chronic medical conditions. This past January, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that medical marijuana dispensaries are not allowed.

      Groups like the Alger Hemp Coalition are encouraging supporters to send a message to people across the state by spending two dollar bills. The initiative's purpose is to demonstrate the economic clout of marijuana users and supporters, according to Mary Ann McHaney, spokesperson for the Alger Hemp Coalition.

      "We just hope that people are aware that people that support cannabis spend money, put money into the economy, and maybe, hopefully, someday with full legalization, it will be even more money for the state of Michigan," said McHaney.

      She hopes people will get two dollar bills from their local bank and spend one every time they buy something. The initiative is planned to last through the end of the month.

      There are 130,000 registered users of medical marijuana and 30,000 caregivers licensed to grow pot in the state of Michigan.