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      Two groups join forces to make Marquette a better place

      Whenever different groups come together for a similar cause, change can happen. Saturday Americorps joined forces with the Superior Watershed Partnership to help improve the land around the Moosewood Nature Center in addition to cleaning up various areas around Marquette. At the Moosewood Nature Center on Presque Isle, volunteers worked on building a natural playscape for children as well as a garden that will help feed pollinating insects.

      "The Moosewood Nature Center, the Superior Watershed Partnership, we're all working together today to help make it possible for people to get active in their community, get to know each other, share a little food, and also work together and make Marquette continue to be a great place to live," said Jennifer Hill, Program Manager at the Superior Watershed Partnership.

      The cleanup in Marquette wasn't the only project going on across the state. The Michigan Community Service Commission held four other projects yesterday in what they call Americorps week. The week is dedicated to projects across the state associated with Americorps, which is celebrating its 20 years of service to the community.