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      Two Hancock streets to be converted to one-way

      The City of Hancock approved a motion to convert two streets in the downtown area from two-way to one-way streets.

      Tezcuco Street and White Street have been considered for a one-way conversion in previous years.

      Traffic on Tezcuco Street between Quincy and Hancock Streets will flow southbound downhill. Traffic on White Street between Pine and Reservations Streets will flow northbound uphill.

      Some community members say theyâ??re concerned with how traffic will be rerouted, though the city says traffic will be monitored for a few months.

      â??People will find over time that avoiding the buildup of the traffic, the lineup trying to get onto the highway because some people will realize that it actually is more convenient and quicker to just stay on the highway rather than trying to go through neighborhoods,â?? said Hancock City Mayor Lisa McKenzie.

      Those street changes will occur in the next few weeks after proper signage is put in place.