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      Two retired teachers receive Choral Leadership Award

      Dr. James Livingston (L)

      The Marquette Choral Society held their annual spring concert Sunday on the campus of Northern Michigan University.

      The group was dressed in all black holding a red book filled with lyrics as they sang Christian themed music to the audience.

      This year the choral honored Eleanor Burla and Dr. James Livingston with the U.P. Choral Leadership Award for their dedication to music for more 10 years.

      Dr. James Livingston, who also sings the in the choir, said it was an honor to be recognized by the Marquette Choral Society.

      "I've been writing program notes. It's not a big deal and certainly I don't know that it does a whole lot to promote the musical culture in the U.P. but I do what I do and I try to make the chorus and the music that we sing intelligible to the public, said Dr. James Livingston, retired professor.

      The Marquette Choral Society is made up of local residents and students. It has been around since 1971.