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      Two shows for a dollar

      This weekend Northern Michigan University students give the community twice the entertainment as two plays take the stage, back-to-back.

      "Lab shows are a lot of fun because you kind of get like a two-for-one deal. You have a comedy, ours is more of a drama, and you get to see both in one night, and you get the best of both worlds," said "Sorry, Wrong Number" actress, Meghan Marquardt.

      Sorry, Wrong Number, originally written by Lucille Fletcher, tells the story of a woman who is home, ill and in bed. While trying to reach her husband, things go from bad to worse.

      "She gets her wires crossed with another telephone call, and she overhears this murder that's going to happen at 11:15 that night, and so she goes about trying to figure out how to stop this murder, and no one is really giving her the time of day," said Director, Jackie Wiles.

      The murder remains a mystery, but one thing we do know is the comedy that follows will leave guests laughing.

      "It's a British comedy so it's very farcical and high hoity toity. Oh no! What if? Oh woe is me kind of thing, you know, and you just get to whine and be so over the top about everything," said actor, Jacob Barbot.

      "How He Lied to Her Husband" is witty-written comedy by George Bernard Shaw. The short and sweet 20-minute show is about a love triangle between a woman, her lover and her husband.

      "He managed to stuff a lot of good stuff into a very short amount of time. He has a lot of one-liners that just knock you off your feet if you're listening for them," said Director, Pierce Huxtable.

      Both plays are only one dollar. They start Friday and run through Saturday night. Showtimes begin at 7:30 p.m. at the James A. Panowski Black Box Theatre.