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      Ultramarathon just around the corner

      The sixth annual Marquette Trail 50 Ultramarathon is right around the corner on Friday August 15.

      Over 300 runners are expected to participate throughout the two-day event. The 50 mile Ultramarathon usually takes runners between four and fourteen hours to finish the race.

      Runners can also do a team relay with two to five people on a team. All the money raised goes back to the Noquemenon Trail Network and the Northern Michigan University cross country team.

      "We're giving back to the trail system and giving back to the community," says Andrew Grosvenor, race director. "It brings a lot of people to the area, we're bringing in several hundred people. People usually bring family and friends with them so it's not just the couple hundred runners."

      On Saturday, there will be children's races with an obstacle course, one mile and 5K runs.

      For more information on how to sign up or volunteer, visit their website.