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      Unique Antiques: The Old Bank Building

      Built in the late 1800s, the Old Bank Building in Negaunee has established itself as a permanent fixture in the city's culture.

      The three story structure has served multiple purposes, housing everything from business offices to a barber shop.

      With this history spanning generations, the Old Bank Building is an appropriate venue to house 30 rooms full of treasures and trinkets from years passed.

      "You can really wander through and go room to room and have a very different look from the way the dealers are displaying their inventory," said Jeff Plummer, owner of the Old Bank Building.

      Plummer, a collector himself, is the third owner of the Old Bank Building since it became an antique store exclusively in 1988.

      Plummer says the modern mix of merchandise suits the interests of the common consumer.

      "There's a mix of antiques with more vintage 40's, 50's and 60's items and even contemporary items, and I think that's how people live to day."

      Each of the rooms here at the Old Bank Building has its own theme, which in many ways gives an insight into the interests of each of the vendors who designed them.

      Sue Lane is one of the seven Marquette County vendors that have set up shop within the walls of the Old Bank Building. Like many of her fellow colleagues, Lane's devotion to collecting is rooted in the search for something different.

      "There's the thrill of the hunt when you find them. It's exciting and there's a sense of history," explained Lane.

      "There's always that notion you can find something great out there. I think that's what drives a lot of people, the hunt for something interesting," said Plummer.

      Plummer purchased the building last December with the future in mind.

      He plans to diversify the business by adding a whole foods grocery store and coffee bar to the ground level of the building.

      Plummer hopes the additions will further enhance the shopping experience for those on the search for something special.