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      Unique ideas for your sweetheart

      With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you may be struggling to find a creative, heartfelt gift for your special someone.

      To assist, we have put together a few ideas for you from Escanaba.

      Flowers can be a thoughtful present, but if you are looking for a unique spin on a traditional gift, Saykllyâ??s Candies may have your solution.

      â??Our chocolate roses are available in milk, dark and white chocolate,â?? said Saykllyâ??s Candies office manager, Heidi Parsons.

      They also have many other love inspired candies, created fresh for the holiday, including their popular fudge hearts.

      â??They have a fudge center and then they are coated in chocolate on one of our machines,â?? Parsons said.

      Another option is a gift for your sweetheart and you! Salon West & Spa offers couples massages. Right now, they are also featuring a Valentineâ??s package.

      â??Most women donâ??t do these kinds of things for themselves,â?? said Brittany Deming, a stylist at Salon West. â??So, I feel like if their significant other gives it to them, then they will end up pampering themselves. So, itâ??s kind of nice for the ladies.â??

      Their Valentineâ??s package includes a gel manicure with a vanilla cupcake paraffin wax treatment and a blow out with a scalp massage.

      Positively of Escanaba has customizable jewelry and love notes for every day of the month.

      â??They just break open like this,â?? explained Positively owner, Peggy Oâ??Connell. â??This one says, â??Familiar acts are beautiful through love.â?? So, you can give someone that you care about a box of these, and theyâ??ll have a nice message from you everyday for 30 days.â??

      For more information on Saykllyâ??s, Salon West and Spa, or Positively, click on their names.