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      United Steelworkers kick off TV6 Canathon

      The TV6 Canathon embarks on the 31st year of serving residents in Upper Michigan who are in need during the holiday season.

      The United Steelworkers from the Empire and Tilden Mines did their part, kicking off the annual TV6 Canathon early as they picked up non-parishable items from schools in Ishpeming Township and dropped the items off at St. Vincent De Paul Society to fill their pantries.

      "We know the need is there each and every year sometimes; it gets better, sometimes it gets worse. This seems to be a worse year," says Peter Heikkala from the United Steelworkers Coalition.

      This year, that need is being met through the students, community members and local businesses who have already collected thousands of pounds of food to be distributed to families.

      The first Canathon began in 1982 with 700 pounds of food being donated. Last year, that amount reached over 151,000 pounds of non-parishable foods.

      This year St. Vincent De Paul Society projects to give out over 250 boxes to families in nearby counties in December, helping to feed a hungry neighbor.

      The TV6 Canathon officially kicks off Monday, November 11 and ends with a one-hour live show on December 5.

      If you have any questions, please contact TV6 Canathon Director, Scott Zerbel at 1-800-562-9776 or 1-906-475-4161 or send an e-mail to .