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      United Way deadline approaches for non-profits

      Non-profit organizations that want to be a part of the fall 2013 United Way campaign need to apply soon.

      The deadline to apply is Friday, January 25. The United Way of Marquette County is looking for organizations that provide services for youth programs, medical assistance or other areas that benefit the community.

      "The benefit of being a member agency is that they can apply for the funding that's raised during the campaign and that's done with a grant process which will happen in a couple of months," said Sue Minckler of the Marquette County United Way. "The agencies that are applying now would be eligible for the money that's raised during next year's campaign."

      Current members will receive an application by e-mail. The United Way has helped more than 9,000 families in Marquette County. The current United Way campaign has raised more than $300,000.