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      United Way honors volunteers

      The Marquette County United Way honored its own Wednesday night.

      Jim Reevs of the Mining Journal was presented with the coveted J.Donovan Jackson volunteer award. The award was named for the late Mr. Jackson and his efforts to raise money for the organization which helps fund Marquette County's non-profit organizations. The J. Donovan Jackson award is presented to those who go above and beyond in their work for the United Way.

      "I knew Donovan Jackson so it's a real honor. It's the holy soul award 'cause Donovan put in a lot of miles and a lot of time and a lot of effort to go out and solicit money for the United Way. Donovan was a wonderful man so the fact that his name is attached to this award and I'm being honored with it makes me feel really great," said Reevs.

      Reevs organized the media consortium which is a joint effort between local media to promote the United Way. The United Way also honored John Marshall, Ward Rantala, Richard Graybill and Robert Toutant with their lifetime commitment awards.