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      Unlikely educational tool

      This month, we can remember the fun pastime we all have probably enjoyed at one time or another.

      Play-Doh, the pliable substance used for a variety of things, past and present, was introduced as a toy in January 1956. The age-old toy favorite still captures the hearts of children all these years later.

      It's hard to believe, but the moldable, non-toxic and non-staining compound was used to clean wallpaper before World War II, when coal-based home heating was common.

      These days, Play-Doh is used by kids for playtime.

      When asked what he likes to do with Play-Doh, Levi Stauber, a student at Crossroads Christian Academy in Marquette, said there are many things you can do.

      "Rolling it out and making footprints with it and building things with it," said Levi.

      Play-Doh can also be used as an educational tool. Cindy Smith, a Preschool and Kindergarten teacher at CCA, said that Play-Doh is useful for challenging the children's physical skills.

      "They use the tools, which strengthens their fine motor skills. They squeeze the Play-Doh which strengthens their hand muscles. We can make 3D models," said Smith.

      Smith says her class loves to make volcanoes with Play-Doh during art time.