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      Unmasking veterans affairs

      Robert Stewart is a Vietnam veteran currently getting care at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Iron Mountain. Several injuries he suffered in Vietnam have required surgery, including neck surgery just two months ago, all of which were covered by the VA.

      "I spent four years in the Marine Corp, I spent 32 months in Vietnam as a combat veteran," said Stewart. "I figured I served my time, now it's time for them to serve their time and they're right on it."

      The VA handles more than just war injuries. In fact for veterans, they can handle something as big as a surgery to as small as a hangnail. The wide variety of both long-term and short-term care is available for all veterans. These types of services are becoming even more beneficial for veterans because of the tough economy.

      "They TMre a lot of veterans that don't have insurance or don't have another source for seeking medical care," said VA Nurse Practitioner Bob Peterson. "I think we offer a lot that the veteran might not even know, the type of services that are available to them."

      Robert Kapalin is using the VA for physical therapy as he prepares for prosthetics. He's staying in the long-term care facility which is proving to be a good decision.

      "If it wasn't for the VA, I'd be at home and I wouldn't be getting physical therapy, I wouldn't be getting the care I'm getting. I wouldn't have the facilities to use," said Kapalin. "I've been in the nursing home for over two months, and it hasn't cost me a penny."

      The VA encourages all veterans to get the health care they deserve from their facilities.