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      Until Death Do Us Part, Eh?

      Weddings can be stressful enough as it is, but what happens when you throw a murder into the mix? That's exactly what happens at this year's murder mystery fund-raiser for the Caring House of Iron Mountain.

      The show is a dinner theater, so guests will be treated to not just live entertainment, but a buffet-style meal as well. The show has all the elements of a real wedding--music, food and two very different families joined together in marriage.

      "It's a wedding involving your classic Yooper family whose daughter is getting married to a senator's son," explained co-writer Jay Finch.

      "Til Death Do Us Part, Eh?" mixes humor with drama. Like any good murder mystery, there are some twists and turns along the way. It's also a show that makes the audience part of the cast, since it's up to them to determine the identity of the murderer.

      Proceeds from the show go to the Iron Mountain women's shelter, the Caring House.

      "It's an incredible cause at this time when funding is being cut for a lot of programs like this, and they need it more than ever," said Christine McMahon, the other co-writer for the play.

      McMahon and Finch started writing their own shows for the fund-raiser last year, and this year's play definitely has a local spin on it, sure to amuse the audience.

      "Hopefully they'll have such a good time they'll forget that it's for charity, that it isn't a chore," McMahon said. "It's going to be something that they really can enjoy."

      So who loses their life at the Yooper wedding of the year? And who committed the crime? You'll have to check out the show to find out those answers. "Til Death Do Us Part, Eh?" runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Iron Mountain Elks Club. Show times are at 6:30 p.m. all three nights.