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      UP 200 Headquarters opens

      The UP 200 Sled Dog Race is Friday, and the headquarters for the race is set up.

      The headquarters serves as a communication hub for the racers and organizers. Ham radios will also be set up so organizers can communicate with the mushers at checkpoints during the race. Race officials say getting the race set up is a team effort.

      "We're just the main communications center for the whole race. Everything that needs to be communicated happens here. The same dedicated, small group of people that are really active, but we get thousands and thousands of volunteers that pitch in, and that's the only thing that really keeps the race going is their help," said Race Headquarters Coordinator, Aileen Todd.

      UP 200 organizers are still looking for more volunteers for Friday's race. You do not have to register to volunteer, just show up in downtown Marquette at 9:30 a.m. A UP 200 trailer will be set up on Washington Street. Ask for Mike.