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      U.P. All-Stars give back to the community

      Football season isn't here yet, but the U.P. All-Star Game should be enough to wet the whistle of football fans until it arrives. While there is a big game ahead on Saturday, the week of preparation isn't just about football, it's also about giving back. Thursday afternoon players from the game headed to Bay Cliff Health Camp to share their love of football with campers and they certainly made an impression.

      "I tackled four guys, all of them went on the ground, that's how hard I tackle," said camper Bradley Haggerty.

      "I got to kick a couple of times and I'm pretty much a good tackler," said camper Tristan Aldrich.

      Between football players and campers, over 300 people were involved in Thursday's activities. The day started with the campers running football drills, followed by eating dinner, and finally the lowering of the flag for the day.

      "It's a great thing to give back to the community and to the kids because one day they're going to be as big as us and it's good to let them know that giving back is a great thing," said Tyler Thomas, football player from Negaunee High School.

      Over and above all, the day was just about having fun. While not everyone is a football fan, it wasn't easy to find a single frown in the room. Even something that didn't go quite as planned didn't manage to take the smile off of the face of one camper.

      "I broke my walker and I tackled two people," said camper Alex Haggerty.

      Spirit like that helps bring others together and is what makes football so special.