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      U.P. author writes satirical self-help book

      A self-help book that's mainly a satire, written by a Delta County resident, is aimed at getting people to laugh about the foibles of relationships.

      The book, Love and Marriage: The Naked Truth Now Revealed, was written by Delta County's Chief Deputy Registrar, Rob Buchler, who is twice divorced. His co-author, former Michigander Amy Banks, lives in Missouri with her third husband.

      Buchler says the book takes readers on a humorous journey of being in love and falling out of love.

      "There are so many books now about self-help, how to help yourself with your love life," said Buchler. "How to improve your marriage, how to get a better boyfriend, a better girlfriend, and so many people take themselves so seriously, like they have all the answers when really, they don't really. They don't tell you the whole truth about the stuff you really need to know when you're with somebody."

      If you're interested in reading the satirical self-help book, you can find it here.