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      U.P. Children's Museum raises $15,000 at annual art auction

      Last week the U.P. Children's Museum held their 10th annual Celebrity Art Auction as a part of their end of the year campaign drive.

      The auction got community members involved to create unique, individual pieces of art to be sold to the highest bidder.

      Over 300 people attended this year's auction, and the children's museum was able to raise $15,000, which was well over last year's amount of $13,000.

      The museum's desired goal this year was $20,000, but they say the amount received from the auction was extremely beneficial.

      "It will really help us and $15,000 is just amazing. Every gift that comes to us at the end of the year, we are so deeply grateful for, because every $20 of support helps to go to these little children's smiles," said museum director, Nheena Weyer Ittner.

      Every piece of art was sold during the auction.